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Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound — Trailer

Spirit Bound

An adventure game I worked on with Oliver Detig at ZHdK.
Two sisters-shapeshifters can't be both humans at the same time. When Aiah is a human, Eve is a fox. When Eve is a human, Aiah is a raven. If one changes the shape, the other one does too. The player needs to figure out how to advance using all the abilities. The difficulty increases when you realize that the sister who is not currently under the player's control has her own behaviour.

My part:
— Game Design
— Character design
— 3D models for Aiah/Raven + texturing
— All animations for Aiah/Raven
— All of the storytelling
— All of the sound design + voiceovers (120 lines)
The video is by Oliver Detig

More artwork
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